Nourishment for the Soul

March 5, 2008 at 8:50 am Leave a comment

At present, I am in a very difficult space and tortured with inner struggle regarding my domestic situation. This past weekend was spent in the city where I once lived for 18 years. The days were filled with good company, shared meals, and the chance to unburden my heart and receive generous feedback from friends.

During previous visits, I tended to divide the days between meeting with friends and wandering as a loner. It was a pleasure to walk around by myself, go to the movies, art exhibits, museums, cafés. After such weekends, I would come home tired and hungry, because I often am too busy and forget to eat when I’m on my own. Lately I have felt so alone in my daily life, that I felt a strong need to reach out this time and make contact with old friends. Thus I barely had a couple of hours to myself, other than the drive there and back.

With so much suffering going on in the world, it seems shameful to lose myself in such petty concerns, since I am otherwise very lucky in this life. But in the state of suffering, it is difficult to contribute to society. During the drive home, I felt incredibly strengthened. Not only had there been wonderful food at brunches, lunches, a party and a dinner, as a welcome change of pace from the frequent noodles, potatoes and rice, which my children prefer. It was more than that. I was surrounded by dear friends who care, who listened to me and offered input, sharing from their own experience. The connection to other people, the situation in which one can sit back, relax, and simply BE is what makes life special. Friends with whom I have shared many experiences and years help me feel grounded and alive. They nourish my soul.

It has always been easier for me to give than to receive, but these days I am grateful for the gifts of friendship which shower abundantly over me. There is indeed a time for everything. Now it’s my turn once again to be emotionally needy and accept the support offered by others. As I drove home, I felt tired from all the excitement, but this time I was well-fed, both physically and emotionally.


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