Making Changes

April 26, 2008 at 12:57 pm Leave a comment

I love my cat, but I decided to be myself today, so I changed the picture. Although, when I look at him sleeping over there on my bed, it is tempting to switch places. He sleeps all day, gets up for a meal now and then, and goes out at night. That’s definitely my kind of lifestyle!

I started taking vitamins recently (my mother is a very knowledgeable helper on the subject), hoping that they will help with my mood swings. Well, actually, I’m taking them for other reasons, but a friend suggested they might also help with that, and I actually noticed I’ve been feeling better. This opens up a whole pandora’s box for me. I still don’t know, if this is just the ups and downs of life, or if it’s worse. Am I crazy or just different? I don’t expect anyone out there to know, but I just wanted to let you know that recovering doesn’t mean that everything is perfect all the time – and they all live happily ever after or something. It’s still up an down, just now I can deal with it better.

In any case, the universe, higher power, god, goddess, whatever it may be, it an essential element. The other night it occurred to me: It’s not WHAT you believe, but THAT you believe. Amen!


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