Just tired, not bingeing

May 26, 2008 at 8:40 pm Leave a comment

Holy moly! Today is yet another one of those days on which I would have binged! I can’t get over how many there are. But then again, now I begin to understand why I spent so many days (years) bingeing. I am being slightly facetious, but it always helps to view things with a sense of humor. And yet, that is how it is. There is always something that sets us off. Then we’re off to the races, as I used to call it.

Today is one of those Monday mornings after a long weekend. That means I am totally out of the usual early-to-bed-and-early-to-rise rhythm, so I had trouble falling asleep last night and I’m really tired today. Since I’m a night owl, I tend to have a chronic lack of sleep, but Mondays are always tiring.

My daughter missed the bus this morning and called me eight or nine times. I said I would pick her up because I had to go out anyway, but every call was adding minutes, which would make her wait longer. She finally believed me and stopped calling. Of course, since driving her to school put a few extra minutes on the trip, I got stuck in a traffic jam on the way to the studio, where I’m recording some of my songs. (The last time I drove there, I left early, anticipating the construction site, and there was no traffic! Typical!)

Once at the studio, things went really well. I was well prepared, and things just flowed along perfectly. I was quite pleased with the results. In fact, it went so well that we finished almost an hour earlier than planned. The technician had stuff to do, and I was tired from all the guitar playing, so we called it a day.

So the scene is: Monday, tired, did well at work, came home early, and now what? I’ve straightened up a bit, but am not really in the mood to start anything big. What did I do for the past few hours? My favorite distraction: I puttered. I just did little things, little preparatory steps for things that need to be done when I have more energy. And now I have to leave for a dentist appointment!

I was in such a rush to leave that I didn’t even finish this post. Meanwhile, I came home and a few neighbors were over, so we sat outside (it’s really warm out) and had a few glasses of wine. Imagine if I had binged in the afternoon, like in the old days. Then I would have come home from the dentist’s and been ready to keep going. I would have been extremely irritated that we had guests, because I’d be wanting to get to the food. So I would have sat there, waiting, hoping for them to leave. Instead I had a really nice evening.


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