Party Time and Girlfriends

June 1, 2008 at 12:31 pm 2 comments

Yes, that’s right! After all the reflection, wondering, regretting, determining, dreaming, questioning and even crying during the past weeks, it was time for some relief. Last night my sister-in-law’s husband threw a party in a warehouse, with lots of people and really good live music. I know, I recently condemned partying, talking loud, drinking too much, etc., but sometimes it can be a nice change of pace. Along with my husband, two girlfriends went with me. We sat at a table with some of our relatives, and met two women we’d never seen before. It turned out to be a wonderful evening, with lively, interesting conversation, and lots of laughter.

My two girlfriends belong to a tight circle of women who go through everything together. There are six or seven of them in the inner circle, and they have more or less adopted me with no reservations – even though I don’t like to party as much as they do. It’s a group where secrets can be shared and one can be sure they will never squeeze out to the outside world. These are women who tell each other how it is. They joke that the first one to leave after a gathering is unfortunate, because the rest of them will talk about her. Yet they have strong caring and constructive bonds. When one is in trouble or has difficulties, the others are there to talk and help. They’ve helped each other move and clean the old and new residences. They party together. And they play together – whether it be skiing, tennis, hiking, or going to sports events.

To be as active as they are would be too much for me. I am a bit more selective about how much excitement I want in my life, but they accept that and I feel good about it. Since I was the designated driver, I got to fully enjoy watching them get slightly smashed and be silly. Yet it wasn’t all silly. One of them is what people might call a “witch” or fortune-teller. She can read palms, but confided once that it isn’t really the palm or the lines, but the energy that counts. Last night she stood next to me and said a couple of times that something wasn’t right. She could tell. I smiled and held her hand for a few minutes and said, “Yes, but I know I don’t have to tell you why.” She smiled back.

A male friend was there without his girlfriend. He is easily distracted by other women, more so when he’s out on his own. Last night one of the two women we met was definitely his type. My two friends saw that right away, and as the evening went on, they kept an eye on him and this woman. I didn’t even notice it, but then one of them pointed it out to me. Eventually he disappeared with her to the upstairs bar, and one girlfriend called a mutual male friend (woke him up) and told him to text message this guy and tell him to keep his hands off the woman! Much later on, we also went up to the bar. As he was standing rather close to the other woman, my friends called to him and beckoned that they should join us. They were all laughing, and he referred to them as his chaperones. I was amused, but also touched that they would watch out for him (and his girlfriend, in a sense).

Towards 2 am they’d had enough, and my husband was tired as well. So we headed back to the car and I drove home. On the way, they were silly like two teenagers – calling two other girlfriends who’d been out elsewhere, giggling and apologizing for waking one of them. Then the giggling continued as they thought about who else they could call and whether or not we should go into town to the old disco that plays stuff from the fifties and sixties. But they were reasonable enough to admit that they were much too tired and drunk. I treasure that mix of girlish silliness, fierce loyalty, devotion and willingness to help each other out — no matter what. And even though I tend to be a hermit, I really am glad to be part of that group.

Next Friday those musicians have a gig in the pedestrian zone in town. I look forward to more fun, and being able to walk there, have a few glasses of wine and take a taxi home. Sometimes it really is good to lighten up and not view everything so seriously. 🙂

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  • 1. SanityFound  |  June 2, 2008 at 11:18 am

    What an incredible night! Sounds like you lot really had fun, laughing and dancing – its what good memories are made out of and one night like that can keep you going for weeks if not months on end. Dang am jealous now, think I need to organise a Christmas party in June!

  • 2. diaryofarecoveredbulimic  |  June 3, 2008 at 9:33 am

    Yes, one night out can do so much. It is good to just hang out, talk, laugh, have fun with good friends. Christmas party in June sounds great! 🙂


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