More Info on Avoiding a Binge

June 22, 2008 at 7:49 pm Leave a comment

I have written several posts about present experience and how in the past it might have (most definitely, in fact!) led to a binge. Through them I have tried and will continue to try to illustrate how things can be done differently. How we can take trigger situations and render them harmless. These posts are filed under binge avoidance and coping. I talk about coming back down to earth after emotionally trying events or situations, which used to be a real trigger for me in the old days. Then there is the question of fear and stress as triggers, which I describe in Why binge? Mention of humor or simply taking it easy as effective aides is to be found in Comic relief or a nap.

The fact that we all are different, find different things helpful and the need for a variety of approaches is emphasized in recovery and food. Then not taking ourselves too seriously deals with the importance of surrender and letting ourselves feel the feelings. Finally, there is Monday morning craziness, tiredness, getting back into the swing of things which I cover in Just tired, not bingeing.

Today I happened to find a wonderful “how to” list that I’d like to share with you. It is written with a lot of compassion and understanding. Rather than story-telling, it gives a framework of how to cope. It has a delightfully long title, which is right up my alley. I think I liked it just because of the title, but also found it to be good reading! How to recognize triggers for a binge or purge episode and how to recognize six levels of recovery (long title for a brief summary) by Joanna Poppink, Psychotherapist (see my blogroll).

Some people may find it more helpful to read little stories, others may find an outline more effective. Especially since each of us is unique and has her own trigger situations, a basic outline makes a lot of sense. Thus I want to share both with you. The bottom line is: Whatever works for you is what you need!

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