Water Balloons and Teenagers

June 29, 2008 at 1:28 pm Leave a comment

This is so unfair that I only can use the five fingers of my right hand to type. (New readers please refer to Try again if you’re wondering.) Today I’m in the mood to write nonstop. Husband went out to watch some motocross races, while the kids and I slept in. Eventually I got up, had breakfast, read the papers, made a few phone calls and simply enjoyed this sunny Sunday.

My son’s best friend came over and brought a bunch of water balloons. That kept them busy for a while. As it got later, I toyed with the idea of enlisting their help to make pizza, since I’d bought yeast, pizza cheese & tomato sauce before the accident. I asked if they wanted to help me make pizza or order in. Do I really need to tell you what they opted for? The cheese and yeast are still good for a while.

As we waited for the pizza to arrive, my son decided to get a condom and fill it with water. At my slightly surprised look (he turns 14 this summer), he said his sister (almost 16) gave it to him. She had gotten it in school during a sex education workshop.

I have to admit, it was funny watching him fill it with way too much water and then yell: “Oh! It’s out of control!” Then it popped. He had one more and filled that up as well. Now, some people may be shocked. I know, it really is wasteful to use condoms as water balloons. On the other hand, I am happy that he feels free to share that humor with his friend in my presence, as anything to do with sexuality is certainly new turf for him. And for some strange reason, I’m glad that neither of my children can find a better use for condoms at the moment!

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