Cutting through clutter

July 5, 2008 at 1:42 pm 1 comment

Here’s a little poem I wrote, dedicated to my mother…

Cutting through clutter

Cutting through clutter is harder than butter
Even when it’s frozen.
This is a trying destiny
The path that I have chosen.

I’m not on the road again, I’m on the phone again
To avoid this impending sense of doom
I can’t go out, I have to stay
I have to face this cluttered room.

I’m at loose ends, I call my friends
For a dose of inspiration.
They build me up and help assuage
The creeping desperation.

Clearing up a few square feet
A solid floor I soon will greet.
Clearing up a space for fun
Take an hour, get something done.

Chalk around an opening – space to be me
Dress up in collected clothes the way I want to be.
It’s like a fairytale or game
Working through the mess
Confusion is no mere illusion,
but a massive source of stress.

Using the things I bought for someday,
Because I’m not allowed to shop.
Until I have cleaned my room all up
Further collecting has to stop.

Take a picture of each cleared space
Tack it up upon your wall
Put all the pictures together.
Glimpse your true room and stand tall!

I want a boyfriend,
But I have to clean my room.
I want to go to the movies,
But I have to clean my room.
I want to paint a picture,
But I have to clean my room.
I’ll never have any fun again
If I don’t do it soon.
I can’t go out and play until I’ve cleaned my room today.


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