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August 15, 2008 at 11:16 am 2 comments

I have been rather busy lately — with visitors coming and going, preparing for my trip to the States next week, and with my daughter. Things have taken such a turn, it continues to amaze me. It’s not so much the tangible change in appearances, but the feelings. It seems like now that my love for her has resurfaced from the depths of hopelessness and resignation, she feels it and is blossoming as well.

Last week I met a friend and we visited her sister’s ceramic workshop. She had a group of elementary school children there who were taking a pottery class for the week. It was nice. Afterwards, I wondered if she could use some help. First I asked my daughter, if she would be interested and if she wanted to me ask. She did. Thus we were able to arrange it.

What happened? My daughter was removed from the daily routine, dealt with a very kind person who was happy to have her around and showered her with compliments about her ability, creativity, and natural talent. All compliments are true, by the way! The children loved her and were happy to see her each day and glad to have her help on their projects. The first day she came home and said, “Mommy, B. said I really have a gift for working with clay.” She was quite pleased. The responsibility of getting up on time, getting the right train, and doing the job well was quite beneficial. And of course she was pleased to earn a little spending money.

Yesterday she planned to stay longer, but was concerned about the lunch break. What should she do? She doesn’t know that town so well and didn’t want to be alone. I asked her if she’d like me to join her. She did. I went to the shop and she showed me what she’d been working on. (She was allowed to make things as well.) She’d made a chalice for burning incense and such things. On the rim, she’d written the word “peace” and on the stem she’d written my name. I nearly melted with happiness.

We went out and had a nice lunch, really talking. I think she talked to me more this week than she did all year. It was a delight to listen to hear, to see her believing in herself again. It’s another little step on the path, and we’ve definitely passed a sharp turn along the way.

Now I am almost sad about my upcoming trip home. I will travel alone. When I made the arrangements, I couldn’t wait to get away. Generally whenever I went away for a few days, I was relieved to be alone. This time I will enjoy it, but I know I will miss her more than usual. That is a nice feeling.

I had burrowed in my disappointment and sadness, nearly abandoning those I love most. I am immensely grateful to have found my way back. It is still saddening to think about the lost time, but instead today I focus on the possibilities of today.

I hope the reader will be encouraged to believe in change. As we make discoveries and gain insight, that can help us to make change. It doesn’t happen overnight. “Slowly but surely” is a good motto. Even for relationships that have derailed, there is hope.

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