Those lies and tears

October 12, 2008 at 6:02 pm Leave a comment

This I wrote today as a response to the songs that accuse the partner of lying, cheating, etc. Those songs irritate me, and I asked myself: “Well, why is the person lying and cheating? And who is lying to whom and why?” This is my answer.

Stop Crying

If you wonder why I’m lying 
why I’ve long since stopped trying
then dry your eyes and stop crying
and see that I’ve paid my dues.

You once fell in love with me
but the real me you didn’t see.
I was too weak to want to be free
so I changed myself to satisfy thee
blind to what I would lose

There’s a reason for lies
or comfort sought somewhere else
search your heart to understand
the things someone tells.

Love is when you are true to both:
the one you love and you yourself.
If someone thinks you’ll improve with age
then you must let him go.
He’s only building a subtle cage
and wants you to be just so.

Don’t look for the reason
why you couldn’t be strong.
See the signs of the season
that brought you this far along.
Life is here for the taking
Whenever you are ready
Breathe deep in and out
Relax and be steady.

Then give it a try
and let yourself fly
to the heights that were calling
while you thought you were falling.
“It’s a new day!” you’ll say,
and be on your way!


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