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October 14, 2008 at 12:55 pm Leave a comment

This morning I went to find out why my daughter didn’t get the position as apprentice. When I was told the reasons, I wanted to defend her, and did even try a bit, but my words bounced off closed ears. Injustice strikes again. Rather than argue, I said: “Thank you.” And I went home.

I told my daughter what had transpired, and told her if she really wants the position, to try again. Contact them. Tell them her take on the situation. (There was a misunderstanding due to expectations and lack of communication, as well as a couple of mistakes. But generally here they give you a month probation, not just two days. I guess they have had negative experiences in the past, so they are not as willing to be patient or explain something. Either everything works out with a potential apprentice or it doesn’t.) My daughter didn’t want to hear it, and scolded me for talking with the employers. She didn’t want me butting in. Okay, I told her she could remedy the situation, now I will let go and respect her request.

I was on duty last night, so I only slept a few hours. After a short nap this afternoon, with the cat curled up in the crook of my arm (he missed me), I awoke feeling refreshed and that everything will turn out fine. Like she said, she wants another year of school. I respect her wish and her feelings. Like I said, the universe is looking out for her. Who am I to try to divine? Something else is yet to come.

I feel calm and optimistic, despite appearances. That’s the advice I generally give other people: Don’t trust appearances. Trust in the greater plan. Today that is working for me. If things don’t go right, that’s just a matter of opinion. Things go how they go. That’s life. I’m finally beginning to get used to that. All is not fair. There is injustice. But it all works out in the end — one way or another.

There’s nothing like a nap, a workout at the gym, a brisk walk, a phone call, or even a crying session including pillow punching to help me breathe and clear up my head again. I’m learning that life is not about everything working out perfectly. It truly is about rolling with the punches, improvisation, making the best of the situation. There is a strength in that, and that seems to be what my daughter is learning right now: If this doesn’t work out. Don’t give up. Try that. There is always a new possibility. The challenge is to discover it.

Optimism rules! 🙂


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