Helping and asking for help

October 26, 2008 at 10:15 am Leave a comment

During the past months, I have worked on various projects and several times asked friends to look something over and give me their opinion. It was not easy for me, as I have always found it difficult to ask for help, but I decided to go ahead and do it. I trusted that they would refuse if they didn’t have the time or even feel like doing it. The responses were positive to enthusiastic. I think only one person in ten didn’t have time.

Recently a friend of mine asked for help on one of her projects. It was funny. Last year I asked for her advice on my book cover, and this year it’s my turn to help her! I was delighted that she asked, and I find it exciting to work on these projects together. In the process of helping her and emailing back and forth, I started to laugh. I remember feeling guilty last year when I sent her yet another version, yet another possibility, and asked for feedback. And now she sent me a few versions, and I find one better than the next, make suggestions, re-check it, and it is not at all a bother. On the contrary, it is exciting to see the creativity process unfold. So I laugh, because I was so concerned about being a bother.

For me, this is a simple but very clear example of how important it is to ask for help as well as to help others. Through experiencing both sides of the situation, I learn more about cooperation and communication. Of course, my work is also a golden opportunity for learning, but today I choose to focus on friends.


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