It started last night

October 26, 2008 at 10:01 am Leave a comment

What an exuberant feeling of happiness and anticipation! After working 10 days straight (which included 3 night shifts), I have today off! Last night I poured a glass of red wine, picked up my guitar, and had some fun for a change.

My schedule for the coming week is much lighter, and my husband and son have gone off on a men’s trip for six days, so my daughter and I have the run of the house. That certainly added to the excitement last night. I felt like a little kid looking forward to school vacation! My son has a week’s vacation, but my daughter has to attend classes, so I’ll have some much-needed solitude this week, as well as enjoy it just being the two of us. What a wonderful change of pace!

Not only is today Sunday, but it’s a holiday, and the sun is shining! My daughter is sleeping in, so it’s just me and the cat hanging out. And to make it extra special, we turned the clocks back last night, so sleepy-heads like me got to snuggle under the covers for an extra hour!

I am absolutely delighted! And since the economy is momentarily so depressing, it occurs to me that this joy didn’t cost me a cent! Well, okay, the bottle of wine was purchased at some point, as well as the coffee beans and bread for my breakfast. But that is quite reasonable! Today I enjoy the beauty of the day and the little pleasures in life. They are all I truly have.

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