Halloween Baby

October 30, 2008 at 1:34 pm 2 comments

Since my daughter doesn’t want to hear the story anymore (she’s heard it about 15 times already!), I figured I’d share it here. The day before Halloween I always get a bit sentimental, as that was the night, 16 years ago, after cleaning our new apartment and going out for pizza in the evening, that my water broke. Turns out, I was the fourth one that evening in the maternity ward who’d eaten pizza!

The original due date was October 22nd, but I secretly hoped for a Halloween witch. I’d completely forgotten about it, but recently a friend reminded me that on October 22, 1992, a bunch of us went out to a Greek restaurant. The conversation turned to my stomach, which was not overseeable at that point, and someone asked: “How much longer?” I said: “Well, she’s due today.” Another nearly shrieked: “And what are you doing here with us out to dinner?” I laughed: “Well, you know, she might not come today, so I figured I’d just as well go out with the girls and have a nice evening.” She said: “And what if you go into labor?” I smiled: “Plan B.” I don’t know if it was exactly like that, but I think one gets the gist of it.

Nine days later, I was sick and tired of waiting. I couldn’t tie my shoelaces, couldn’t sleep, knocked the coffee grounds off the counter and marvelled that my daughter was making a mess before she was even born! We were moving into a newly renovated apartment, so I purposely was down on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor, helping to move things, and doing whatever else you’re not supposed to do — unless you want to go into labor, which I certainly did. We also wanted to get the apartment ready before the baby was born.

That evening, as I said, we went out for pizza. Shortly after we got home, the excitement started. We raced to the hospital, as I was certain it wouldn’t take very long. After all, I am a very calm, relaxed person. Well, after around 19 hours and no pain medication (“No, I don’t want to be numbed out as I’m sure she’ll be arriving any minute now.”), and having reached the point where I changed my mind and decided I was NOT going to go through with it, my dear daughter made her grand entrance shortly after 5 pm on Halloween. She was so beautiful, all the pain and exhaustion were forgotten in a second. I didn’t sleep at all that night — I stayed awake watching her. To this day, she has no qualms about making me wait or keeping me up at night! 🙂

I cannot believe it has been 16 years. It seems like no time at all, but that’s what all parents say. So I’ll stop now and do something useful like baking a cake for tomorrow!


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Wandering What I can do

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  • 1. SanityFound  |  November 2, 2008 at 2:46 pm

    Too cute and amazing, so you got your wish and the world got an incredible woman!

  • 2. diaryofarecoveredbulimic  |  November 3, 2008 at 2:05 pm

    Yup! Great deal, don’t you think? I just have to stand by her a few more years, as unnoticeably as possible, and support that young woman as she emerges. I am very curious and excited!


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