Holiday season

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This little poem I wrote several years ago in a scrooge-like mood, but I like it. Especially in times like these, when money is tight, I prefer to forget the consumer side of it all and get back to basics — love and caring for others, helping others out whenever possible. The night before I went to the homeless ball, as an alternative to the Vienna Opera Ball, and had a great time. The mood was good and we all had a great time hanging out together and sharing stories. I didn’t speak with one homeless person who’d been born homeless. Most of them had started out in situations similar to my own. Fate just took them down a different path.

Holiday Season

Deck the halls and drink away your folly
til you can no longer stand beneath the holly.
Everyone says you’re supposed to be jolly,
but when I look around me all I think is “golly.”
The homeless, and the widows, the childless and the parentless,
the lonely and the poor, the beggar outside the door.
They’ve been reminded for over a month that millions have so much more.
The sparkling decorations, the music blaring out loud,
from the loudspeakers to the sidewalk, to warm the shopping crowd.
Step carefully around the man lying on the newspapers,
or the old woman with her compact apartment – a shopping cart.
The young woman sitting on the sidewalk with a baby on her lap.
The same woman I saw later, childless with a spring of step.
The blind beggar I saw getting off the streetcar, without his badge,
instead donning a trendy leather jacket, the expensive type,
if my unknowing eye doesn’t fail me.
Go to the beggar’s ball and dance a few rounds,
only the homeless enter without paying admission.
Tonight they are the preferred guests.


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