It began quite harmlessly

December 19, 2008 at 11:29 am Leave a comment

It’s snowing outside, I have 4 days off in a row, and have decided to clean the house to prepare for the new year. Sunday is the winter solstice, so cleaning up inside prepares me for the transition from darkness to light. My room is first on the list. That’s like getting my heart in order. When that’s clear and dust-free, then I’ll have enough energy for the rest of the house.

It’s one of those puttering days. I sorted through lots of papers covering my desk, copied telephone numbers and addresses into my phone book and got rid of those scraps of paper. Even the packing list from last summer’s trip to the States was hiding in the pile! There are a couple of small boxes of chocolate that I got for Christmas from work. I just got a great idea! A friend did me a favor, so I’ll pass them on to her.

There’s a book I’ve been meaning to send someone, which I finally took down off the shelf. Then I found a couple of photographs from a summer garden party that I’d like to send a friend. I got the great idea to send her a Christmas card with the pictures inside! That may not seem very surprising, but I don’t usually send Christmas cards. Usually I wait until January and then send out greetings for the new year. I figure, the mailpeople are very busy now and then they fall into a post-Christmas slump. With my late mailings I hope to brighten up their day.

I took the big shoe box down from the shelf. That’s where I keep old letters and cards I’ve received, as well as cards collected over the years which I have on hand in case I need one. There is a bunch of Christmas cards, which inspired me to actually write them out! If I start now, I might finish by January! Just in time for the January mailing! As I sorted through the cards and picked out the empty ones, I found a few from Granny, who passed away four years ago. Through the tears, I read them, and resumed sorting. Then I found a card my son had written me for Christmas six years ago. Oh, the memories!

Christmas is truly a magical and emotional time of year. Is it the snow, the coldness and darkness that evoke a need for warmth, the call for love and peace on earth? Something urges us to come together and share. Through this, these feelings of loss and missing those who have passed away, or becoming sentimental about when the children were so much younger, are intensified.

I pray for those who are alone during this season, that they find inner peace. I pray that they be able to reach out, or that others reach out to them, to include them in the warm magic. I pray for those who are ill, suffering, hungry, looking for a job, lonely, sad, disappointed. I pray that they find some respite and comfort. And I thank all of the people who are so actively helping — be it through making donations, spending time, providing food, and organizing holiday celebrations for those who would otherwise be alone and may prefer company.

Yes, it is an incredible time of year. Feelings are felt quite strongly. It is a time that brings us together. It is heart-warming to observe the generosity and love, even in times like these when more and more people have less and less. I wish everyone a magical holiday season. Keep the faith! And now to start writing some cards…

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