Hard to let go

December 23, 2008 at 9:41 am Leave a comment

I know I claim to be a recovered control freak, but it is sometimes so hard to let my children act their ages! They are 16 and 14 years — not months — old! Last night I had night duty, and for the first time, they were alone. My husband was away on business. I explained the deal ahead of time, called once in the evening to make sure all was well, and then again at 6:15 this morning to make sure my son was up and on his way to school.

What a sense of relief when I got home this morning! The house is still standing, there was no wild party, my son is at school, and even the cats were fed. From the looks of the kitchen, I can ascertain that they did in no way starve. All in all, it looks okay.

But it’s so hard not to worry! When my son goes skiing and I hear the avalanche warnings, I tell him for the 100th time: Make sure you stay on the designated slopes! No straying into the deep snow for fun! Sometimes I go along — as if my mere presence on the same mountain could protect him.

My daughter goes out on the weekends. That, too, is about dealing with the outside world. With all the crazy people! She has to deal with that herself. Her plans for the future are somewhat uncertain right now. When I bring it up, she gets angry at me for interfering. I have to be patient and let her find her way. I vaguely remember being angry at my mother for not letting me find my way and go at my own pace. Of course, she meant well. And so do I.

Oh, it is hard to let go and let my babies look out for themselves. My heart aches as I yearn to protect and guide them. But they aren’t babies any more!

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