Get some fresh air!

January 14, 2009 at 1:04 pm Leave a comment

Last night I picked two goddess cards to get a better take on the present situation. The first one I chose was Hathor: Receptivity. “Allow yourself to receive. That will strengthen your intuition, your energy and your ability to give.” The meanings range from “Be still and listen — let go of all feelings that hinder you to receive — ask for help — intensify your mediality — be aware that you are learning at the moment — healing is occurring — current issues are pregnancy, birth, adoption or custody decisions.” Just about everything is appropriate. I’ve even been wondering about children. I have two and always wanted three (except for when I was younger and didn’t want any children!). But I’m just about too old for that, so I guess it will require some coming to terms with the facts.

Then I picked a second card, since it seemed to be peeking out at me from the deck. Cordelia — Go outside! “You were in closed rooms too long. Go out and get some fresh air.” I usually intend to go out and actually love being outside, but there’s always so much else to DO!

Today was my last physical therapy treatment — a remnant from last June’s bicycle accident. In closing, the physical therapist advised me to drink lots of water and get fresh air. He reminded me that we need food and air to survive — and that we can survive considerably longer without food. That’s an interesting aspect, especially for someone like myself who 30 years ago desired to live only on air. (That doesn’t work long-term either!) I laughed and told him about the card I’d picked the night before.

By drinking more water and getting fresh air, I support my liver, detoxify and cleanse my body. In addition, there’s nothing like a walk in the woods to gather composure and spawn creativity. I smiled at that and told him I’d had the same experience by going back to bed this morning with coffee & music. That made him laugh. Okay, there’s more than one way to relax, heal and open one’s self to inspiration. I just need more balance.

His advice last week was: Do yoga regularly and get to the gym twice a week to strengthen up my left arm and shoulder, which are still weak from the accident. Believe me, I’ve been wanting to do that since last year! But there’s always something else to do. Well, since he told me that, I’ve actually been to the gym twice. As with anything else, I probably just need to develop the habit of going there. So I guess that’s kind of the resolution package for this new year: drink water, get enough exercise and plenty of fresh air. Boy, can it get any simpler than that?


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