You win some…

January 20, 2009 at 1:43 pm Leave a comment

and you lose some. Oh, well. The possibility of receiving financial aid for the course has gone down the drain. Thus the main benefit of yesterday’s conversation is not material but simply a theoretical exercise in asking questions. That’s okay, too. If I get enough practice, maybe when it’s really important, I’ll think of the right question to ask, the right thing to say. That is my main goal.

I can’t stand it when it occurs to me much later what I could have said. That’s why I was so pleased yesterday: I asked at just the right moment. And I asked enough questions so that I had the information I needed and was able to move on to the next step. That is of utmost importance to me.

Again this has to do with letting go. Just roll with the punches as they say. My faith and trust in the universe are growing. It’s as if I’m just beginning to get the gist of it — what it means to have trust no matter what. What it means not to go by appearances or how the situation seems to be. Just wandering along on this wonderful path, looking ahead as well as all around me, taking it in. By trusting instead of worrying and obsessing, I am more aware. Today I saw the beautiful snowflakes gently falling — the perfect kind of snowflakes that draw your attention and make you watch with delight.

If I’d been full of anxiety, I probably wouldn’t have looked out the window. Been there, done that. I can remember leaving my apartment, rushing off to work, without even looking out the window to see what the weather was like — only to emerge from the building into pouring rain with no umbrella in hand.

Today I am grateful for the way my life is developing. At the moment, I have enough on my mind to drive myself crazy, but today I am free of that. Today I simply focus on the task at hand. That is all I can deal with at the moment, and it’s all I’m expected to do. I know, because H.P. told me so! 🙂


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