A handful of beans

January 22, 2009 at 1:34 pm Leave a comment

Someone sent me a handful of beans for Christmas — with the following story about a Count who lived a very long life because he had such an abundance of serenity.

“The Count never left his house without first sticking a handful of beans into his pocket. He didn’t do this because he wanted to chew them. No, he took them with him because he wanted to treasure and count the special moments of the day.

For every little positive thing he experienced during the course of the day — a chat with someone in the street, his wife’s laugh, a delicious meal, a fine cigar, a shady tree in the afternoon sun, a glass of good wine — for everything that pleases the senses, he took one bean out of his right jacket pocket and put it into the left side. Sometimes there were two or three.

In the evenings he sat at home and counted the beans that were in his left pocket. He celebrated these minutes. They brought to mind the wonderful things he had experienced during the day and made him happy. Even on the evenings when he only counted one bean, for him the day was a succes — it made life worth living.”

Last night I read a couple more pages in the book from the Dalai Lama and as I was ready to fall asleep, I said the serenity prayer and then began thanking God for all the nice things that had happened during the day, as well as for all the good things in my life. Well, I guess I have a lot to be thankful for, because I fell asleep before I was finished! (And my thoughts also wandered a bit with each new item of gratitude.) The atmosphere in my thoughts before falling asleep seems to have quite an impact.

This morning I woke up feeling refreshed in a way I haven’t felt for quite some time! I did not dread the day. I did not go back to bed for an hour. I made breakfast, sent the kids off to school, took care of a few chores and then went to work. As I went outside at lunchtime, I marvelled at the blue sky, the sun, the fresh coating of snow on the mountains, and it occurred to me that today had started quite nicely. Wow!

I wanted to share this, and then the above story came to mind. It fits perfectly. What I am realizing these past couple of days is: It’s always good to get some new inspiration, even when you think you have enough or you have it all figured out. (Yes, sometimes I believe that! Ha-ha!) There’s always more to come, and sometimes I don’t realize I needed it until it’s here and I receive yet another blessing.

Another thought occurs to me: New inspiration can also be found in old, familiar prayers. I just need to use them! Just like this little book I am reading. I bought it months ago, but it didn’t help me until I took it off the shelf and started to read it. And what did I find? The good old serenity prayer! 🙂


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