Intermittent tangential deviations

February 5, 2009 at 6:55 pm Leave a comment

What does that mean? It’s how I describe yesterday morning. After a ghastly night-shift of waking up every half-hour to make sure nobody was in trouble (I won’t bother with particulars), I was exhausted and looked forward to going home and crawling into bed for a couple of hours.

What did I do? My boss asked me to deliver some important documents to the main office, which happens to be another 20 minutes in the “wrong” direction. The person who would normally take care of this was sick. I wasn’t pleased, but it’s give and take, so I smiled and took them. I drove there, dropped off the papers, and on the way home briefly debated and then went off on a tangent to the Buddhist monastery. I hadn’t been there in months.

Hurry or no hurry, it was a matter of 30 extra minutes at the most. Anyway, what was the immediate goal? I was going nowhere fast. It was mid-morning, the skies were clear, the sun was shining, and the ground was frozen — so I walked over the grass up the hill to the stupa without getting my shoes all muddy. At first I only planned to walk around it 9 times (10 minutes), but then decided for another round. (Nine is my lucky number.) Repeating the serenity prayer, I could feel calmess spreading through me and the energy from that magical place seeping into my body and giving me strength.

Nobody else was out walking at that moment, so perfect peace prevailed. The surrounding snow-covered mountains cut a sharp outline against the blue sky. The crispness of the winter morning was offset by the rays of the sun and the invisible promise of spring in the air. Although, I could swear I noticed some buds looking rather eager to open up. Spring is on the way!

Feeling refreshed, I walked back to the car and drove home. I felt so good that I didn’t bother with a nap until early afternoon. Spontaneous moments and ideas like this sometimes present themselves during the course of the day. It is a gift to be open to them, to give myself the freedom to follow the impulse and give the day a sudden unexpected twist of beauty.

I hope that someone will read this and be inspired to take one of these detours, go off on a tangent and put an added sparkle on an apparently hum-drum day. You just need to let go and be open to the moment. I wouldn’t recommend doing it on the way to work, and especially not if you’re running late. But on the way home, or during lunch break, or on your way to the grocery store, or in the middle of doing the housework, or… whatever. I can’t anticipate all the unexpected opportunities, but they happen. I’d wanted to go right home from work, but the boss sent me on an errand. I wasn’t thrilled about the extra drive, but then look what happened!


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