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It appears as if I’ve been quiet the past couple of weeks, but of course, in reality it’s completely different. I’m just not online yet, so the only computer access I have at the moment is at the house where I lived up until a little over a week ago. I’m not here often, but today just happened to be in the neighborhood.

My husband made me a cup of coffee and we chatted for a bit, then I disappeared to check my emails and see what’s happening. There have been some strange occurrences and de-accelerating factors, but after reading Mama Donna’s “Queen’s Chronicles” about Mercury being in retrograde, that is helping me get through the few weeks until May 30th, when it’s over. Then I imagine things will move more smoothly.

Ironically, when one expects things to not go well, anything that works out seems really great. Thus I’ve been quite thankful for several things. Last week a policeman paid me a visit — my first unannounced visitor in the new apartment. How exciting! He wanted to check my visa, passport, etc. It was the first such visit I’ve had in these nearly 24 years of living in this country. Of course I couldn’t find the old passport with the unlimited visa stamp in it — even though I’d had it in my hand the day before, and for the first time, I’d let my passport expire a month ago and not renewed it. I figured it could wait until June.

I assured him I’m not an illegal alien, but my visa dates back to 1990, at which time not everything got put into the computer automatically. I promised to get a new passport ASAP and gave him the address of the office where the visa had been issued, as well as the approximate date. In addition to that excitement, I had a lousy cold and sore throat most of last week, which really put a damper on things. It forced me to rest, which wasn’t such a bad idea.

By Sunday I felt somewhat better and reserved a sleeping place on the overnight train to the capitol of this country, which is where the U.S. Consulate is located. I decided to get it over with — take the train there, get my photo done at the special photo shop that does American photos to meet our special specifications, and then go to the consulate office around the corner and fill out the forms, etc. — and hop the next train home again. So much for a few relaxing days wandering around the city and hanging out with friends. To everything there is a time… and this time wasn’t for socializing.

After I reserved the ticket, doubt plagued me briefly. “Oh! Is it a sleeping chamber or am I sharing a 6-bed compartment?” I really wasn’t in the mood. Too lazy to go back to the train station and ask, I told myself: “Forget about it. Whatever will be will be. You’ll cope with the situation.” And I managed to let it go.

As I boarded the train at 10:30 pm, I was delighted to see that I had the lower berth in a little compartment just to myself, and the conductor asked me to fill out the form indicating what I wanted for breakfast! Imagine that! It made me laugh with relief that I hadn’t wasted time obsessing about sharing a compartment with farting and/or snoring roommates.

I settled back and read “Wuthering Heights” until 1 am, then half-dozed among the rattling sounds of the train. Still, in the morning I was better rested than if I’d had to sit all night. I got to the photo shop before it opened, so I waited outside. At opening time, I walked in. Someone was there ahead of me — she’d come in through the back entrance. I looked at her. It was the mother of the children for whom I’d babysat for nearly three years back in the mid 1980’s! What a coincidence!

So we chatted, then she accompanied me to the consulate office. (Her youngest daughter was born in the USA and had to renew her passport.) As we stood on the long line, she asked if I had my S.A.S.E. with me. I gave her a blank look. She ran downstairs to the shop in the lobby (the consulate is in a hotel building) and bought me an envelope with the right amount of stamps. In the meantime, I chatted with her daughter, and then it was our turn to go in.

It took my friend nearly 15 minutes to return! Why do I mention that? Well, thanks to her, I was out of there and heading back to the train station, and got there 5 minutes before the train departed. She saved me 2 hours of waiting! Even that made me laugh. Upon arrival, I’d checked the schedule to see when the trains run. I thought to myself: “I hope I make the 9:40 am, since the next one doesn’t leave until 11:40.” But then I reminded myself: “Let go. Whatever will be will be.” So I didn’t obsess or hope ceaselessly that I would make the train. Nor did I get nervous. I told my friend: “If it takes longer, we could have a cup of coffee together. Otherwise I’ll get the early train back, as it arrives at 4:40 pm. The later one at 6:40, and that is rather late.”

So it all worked out well. And then, I needed a plumber because the pipe on the tank from the toilet leaked. It took me a while to get organized and call. Meanwhile, I realized I needed help to hook up the dishwasher & washer, and a few other plumbing items arose. So I finally got to calling and had a whole list to really make it worth it! And how about this? I called yesterday, and he had time to come today! (Tomorrow is a holiday here, so we have a long weekend coming up. That means, I just have to read the instructions on the dishwasher about the first-time use, and then I won’t be washing dishes by hand this weekend!)

That’s about it folks. My time is up for now. Have to get going. Will hopefully be on line by the end of next week at the latest. If not, then soon after that. In time. Hope you’re all well!


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