Letting Go

June 7, 2009 at 3:46 pm Leave a comment

How often I have mentioned the need to “Let go and let God” – and it’s still true. Today I find it easier. I’ve come to the realization that God was there all along – whether I wrote to him, prayed to him, or forgot about him. In fact, especially when I forgot about him, in retrospect I see that I was carried. So today I work with him – or higher power, universe, whatever it is.

The trust in this power almost makes me high. It gives me an inner strength, which I’ve always had, but somehow now it’s more focussed. I figure, since this support was there all along, now that I’m linked in with it, amazing things can happen.

The other day I went to an appointment. It was to discuss a project on eating disorders. In February I started a 3-year training program and through that I have to plan and run a 3-hour seminar. I had contacted a local eating-disorders counselling service and they were open to the idea of my working with them. The meeting was meant to discuss particulars.

Since I’m not online, I didn’t get the email informing me that the project had fallen through and the appointment was cancelled. I went there, and ended up talking with the mother of an anorexic who was there for counselling. I’d spoken to her, thinking she was also there for the meeting. We had quite a long talk, and the counsellor joined us. The three of us spent nearly one and a half hours talking. The mother left, and I stayed to chat with the counsellor. It is unfortunate that the project fell through, but it was a good connection. Who knows what will happen next? I’m disappointed, but not very, as I am confident that something different or better will come up.

My project doesn’t have to be eating disorder prevention. It was just an idea. I’ll just remain aware and open, and see what else comes up. For me, that is what my life is about: working with what is given. I can’t control things, nor do I need to. I do the best I can, roll with the punches, and trust that all will work out the best it possibly can.


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