Weekend Resumé

June 17, 2009 at 9:36 am Leave a comment

How did it go? Well, my sons’s fingers were broken on Tuesday, but it wasn’t until Wednesday afternoon that he wanted to go to the hospital — just when I was finishing up getting ready to leave for the seminar. Since he’s been to the hospital a few times with various injuries, I dropped him off there and took care of the grocery shopping. It worked out perfectly — just as I was at the check-out counter, he called to say he was finished as well. So I got to the seminar on time.

The following day, my father had open heart surgery. All went well. At the seminar I felt rather overwhelmed at times — personal worry and the difficulty of the tasks at hand were a bit much!

Friday night I got to bed fairly early. At 12:30 my daughter called from the nearby hospital. She’d fallen and her arms hurt. An hour later she came home: with her right wrist broken, left arm badly bruised, and one knee scraped open. Oh my goodness!

The next morning I made her breakfast and called my son, telling him to come home to tend her. (He’s spent the night at his friend’s house.) He complained and said he’s not her servant, but got the next train home. Unfortunately, he fell asleep and missed the stop. He took the next train back.

Instead of taking care of his sister, he slept until noon, then took the money I’d left on the table for them to buy 2 pizzas, and went back to his friend’s. I’d spoken with my daughter late morning and she seemed fine — even said she planned to go out that evening. So I forgot to check my phone during the breaks. At supper time I saw there were 6 missed calls. She was rather upset — her brother had taken the money, not made her any lunch, she felt helpless and was irritated. There was an evening session, but I begged off and went home. My daughter needed me more.

In addition to all the excitement, the cats continue to be bonkers between 2 and 5 am, so I am suffering from a severe lack of sleep. Sunday night I was tempted to kick them out of the apartment, but managed to restrain myself. I was simply relieved that the weekend was over, and that it went as well as it did.

There are some big challenges to be faced when on my own — but I can manage just fine! It’s all part of life. I’m glad I picked Artemis the other day, as it encouraged me to smile and view all the drama with a sense of humor. I reminded myself that I’d been sad recently, thinking I wanted to have another baby. That made me laugh, as I said to myself: “If you can’t handle a few weeks of sleepless nights, don’t even THINK about a baby!” So life goes on…


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