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In keeping with the enlightening revelation I received at the monastery this week, I am paying more attention to food and sleep. During a buddhist meditation I had the insight that in order to function, I need adequate nourishment and sleep. Since I moved, I tended to be very sloppy, was often too busy to eat, and the cats were keeping me up at night.

For the past few days, I’ve had a hot meal a day, and last night I had the great idea to close my door — one cat out in the hall, one in my room. Lo and behold, they were quiet until 4 am! And then again until 7:30! Almost a whole night’s sleep.

It’s really strange about the cooking. For years I resented the fact that my husband and I have totally different ideas about a good meal. He put down my grains and vegetables as “rabbit food” and I eventually gave them up. There was great anticipation about being able to cook and eat as I please when I move. But what was the reality? I was too busy or didn’t feel like it.

It’s all a matter of getting back into the habit. A few days ago I had a plastic container of left over cut-up vegetables that I’d prepared for guests. I took out a frying pan, put in a couple of tablespoons of olive oil, tossed in the vegetables and 5 minutes later had a nice warm meal — with a good slice of whole wheat bread on which I spread some of the left-over tuna fish salad. Perfect!

Yesterday I cut up fresh vegetables, prepared them again with olive oil, and had an organic veggie burger as well. (I bought it.) Today I went out with a friend to a chinese restaurant for lunch — another hot meal with hot & sour soup, various vegetables, chicken, and fruit. Yum!

It seems so old-fashioned, but at least one warm meal a day really does make a difference. I eat to live, rather than live to eat, and I don’t like to make a fuss over food. However, lately I realize that it does need just a bit more attention. Eating well is also an important factor in taking care of myself. I tend to do a lot for my emotional and spiritual well-being, and neglect the physical. That is changing!

I hesitated to mention food, and hope no one will be upset or whatever, but I thought maybe it could be helpful just to mention what I eat. It’s just regular old food. There’s nothing magical or mysterious about it.


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