I’m so excited!

July 12, 2009 at 9:43 pm Leave a comment

Now that I’ve recuperated a bit from bidding my son adieu for 3 weeks, and I worked 10 hours today, I was sitting outside on the balcony with the cats, drinking a glass of wine, and it suddenly occurred to me: I am on vacation for a week! Yahoo!

Tomorrow I can straighten up and pack, and then Tuesday I’m off on an adventure. I’ll take the train to Prague, where I reserved a room in a hotel for two nights. That gives me a chance to wander around the city, and Wednesday night Patti Smith is playing a concert. My “concert friend” will arrive the day of the concert, so we can spend the afternoon together. I met him at a Patti Smith concert 11 years ago. Since then, we’ve been to two Bob Dylan concerts and several Patti Smith concerts — and had our share of adventure along the way.

The day after the concert I get back on the train and head to Salzburg for one night to visit a good friend. Then I’m off to Vienna to visit another friend and spend the night there. Then I head to Styria for two nights for a garden party at another friend’s house. I look forward to good company and new impressions.

My husband will keep an eye on my daughter, and I’m sure all will go well. It is strange, though. Since I moved, I am so happy to be home. It’s hard to go out. In the past, my trips were a combination of excitement and escape. I was utterly relieved to get out of the house for any length of time.

Now it’s a real vacation, and yet I will look forward to coming home again. I am filled with gratitude at how the quality of my life has changed over the past couple of months. It is amazing how quickly things can change — in this case, definitely for the better. Thought I have an irregular work schedule and days off in between, the idea of being away for an entire week thrills me.

Funny, too, that I am willing to be content attending only one Patti Smith concert. She is playing four concerts this week, and they are not so far apart. But I already had plans, and I will stick to those plans. If this had happened a year ago, I’d probably be yearning to go to all four concerts. But now I am happy with my life, look forward to visiting with friends, and that’s how it is.

I am grateful for this life. Grateful to have come so far, to have recovered, and to be able to enjoy what life has to offer. Thank you higher power!


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