What the heck was that about?

July 23, 2009 at 5:27 pm Leave a comment

After I finished the previous post, I went to clean up the kitchen. Such menial tasks tend to clear my head as well. My thoughts wandered, and it occurred to me that the purpose of that long rambler was to illustrate the difference between trying to convince oneself and actually being convinced. That is where the difference is between wanting to do something or take action, and actually doing it.

When I “try” to convince myself, that means I don’t believe it. When I am convinced, then I believe it. Simple as that, no “trying” necessary. That conviction seems to be the result of an “aha!-experience” — and that is something we cannot share with others. I can describe how it happened, but “aha!” is personal indeed — and that makes it all the more special and effective.

However, I will not refrain from offering a small piece of advice that works for me. The more often I do something different, try something different, go somewhere different — the more “otherness” I bring into my life — the more likely I am to have an “aha” and as a result be convinced about something. BUT, I cannot force it to happen! Nor can I make it stay a certain way. It’s my choice to surrender and be willing to believe.

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