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August 4, 2009 at 11:34 am Leave a comment

My son arrived yesterday. He was visiting and travelling with his friend for over 3 weeks. Every so often I heard from his friend’s mother, so I knew all was well.

Yesterday I thought we would all meet him at the train station and then go out to eat. I spoke with my husband. He said: “I’m not hungry.” My son wasn’t either. My daughter didn’t feel like going with. So instead of the happy family scenario, I drove to the train station alone to meet him, and then brought him to his father’s.

During the 5-minute drive, I asked him about his trip. There were several monosyllabic responses and then: “Mom, would you stop asking all those questions?!” Once we got to the house, he greeted my husband and went up to his room. Five minutes later, he came back downstairs and said: “Bye! I’m going to my friend’s house.”

It was pouring rain as he took his bike out of the garage. My husband said: “Your mother is leaving in a few minutes, let her drive you.” He laughed: “I’m not made of sugar! Anyway my bike is fast.” And he was gone.

My husband and I laughed. He went to a different part of the house, and I sorted through a few more things, then went on my way. I still have to be patient. My husband still avoids much conversation — beyond the absolutely necessary. Oh, well. It takes time to adjust.

So I’m yet to have the “good friends after separation” set-up, though I do hope to get there some day. There are hurt feelings and wounds that need to settle and heal over. We can’t do it all at once. For now, it’s okay the way it is. We’re on the path.


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