Cat worries

August 6, 2009 at 10:02 pm Leave a comment

If it’s not the kids I worry about, then it’s the cats. I recently found out that the great ramp I built for the cats is not allowed. I had been told that the tenants before me also had a ramp, so I asked the downstairs neighbors if they’d mind, and then built it. Recently a different neighbor stopped by and told me that those tenants had had to dismantle their ramp.

So I’ve been worried. See, one cat is a couch potato who gets his fresh air by stepping out onto the balcony and taking a few deep breaths before he walks back into the living room, but the other one loves to be outdoors.

A few days ago, I sent a wish to the universe: I need to find him a house. He needs more freedom. Yes, my heart is heavy, but I need to consider his best interest. He is affectionate, but with everyone — not at all shy, like his brother who hides under the couch or bed when the doorbell rings. So I wouldn’t worry about him adjusting to other people, though I would miss him.

This afternoon an old friend called. I know her from when I lived in the city. She originally grew up in this area is and here visiting her mother. On the spur of the moment, I invited her over. She had a few errands to run, but said she’d get the next train and be here in about an hour.

I decided to use the time to practice guitar, and ended up improving some new songs and writing the music for some lyrics I had lying around. She took a few hours to get here, as her errands took longer, so it worked out perfectly.

I ran out and got some fresh bread, tomatoes, a cucumber and radishes. Cheese and wine were already in the fridge. I figured I’d make us a light supper, yet only got the stuff ready. I figured I’d wait and see how hungry she was. She arrived and invited me to go out to eat at the Indian place around the corner. She’d smelled the curry on her way here from the train station.

I love Indian food, so she didn’t have to ask twice. After showing her the apartment — including the cat ramp, I put the stuff in the fridge and off we went. She asked me about my cats, and then mentioned that she’d decided that she wants to get a cat to keep her mother company. Her mother loves animals — cats especially — and is lonely. My friend had vowed to get her mother a cat before she leaves to go back to the city.

Her mother lives in a big house, with a big shed out back, has a nice yard and woods nearby. It would be perfect! My friend’s brother also lives in the house, and he said he doesn’t want a kitten, because it would far outlive their mother. My cat is 5 years old.

Yes, the tears came to my eyes as I seriously contemplated the possibility, but it seems like it was meant to be. She will discuss it with her siblings, and if we get a green light, I can bring him there on Sunday, and stay there a few nights, to give him time to get used to the place.

Though I feel sad and would miss him, I think he would be much happier in a house in the country. And since the days of the ramp are limited, it may be a wise choice. And the nice thing about giving it to a friend is that I could visit him — and her mother — regularly!


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“My soul that had fallen asleep in the cold…” Cat solution

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