Cat solution

August 9, 2009 at 10:26 am Leave a comment

Something has changed. I reconsidered the situation, and after talking with my daughter realized that I don’t want to give my cat away. Neither does she. Instead, I have found a new solution. He has a bed, and food and water on the balcony at night. It is sheltered. So I close the door and let him stay out. I don’t open the door until morning. The past two nights, he has meowed briefly, but then went back down the ramp or slept.

I stopped getting up when the house cat meowed at 5 am. (He sleeps better when his brother is outside. When both were indoors, there was no peace between 2 and 5:30 am!) This morning his meowing was shorter, as he realized I wasn’t getting up.

That’s the practical part of the solution. But there’s something bigger. The incident with my friend looking for a cat showed me that if I get desperate, there are solutions available and they will present themselves.

However, right now, the problem was more in my cat-rearing. Otherwise, no one has complained. I recognize a pattern that started as a child: Avoid conflict! Anticipate well in advance what problems could arise and prevent them. Have everything under control so there are no (unpleasant) surprises.

Even with the cats that behavior came through. Yesterday I decided to let go of my worries. If a problem arises, I will deal with it. But for now I won’t allow the possibility of a future problem consume me with worry.

True, my cat might be happy in the country, but he needs love, too. On the other hand, at the bottom of the ramp are trees and a lawn. Beyond that is a field. Up the hill are woods. There is a good deal of country here as well.

During the past two days, his affection seemed to be stronger than usual. He’s a little wild, but I think he wants his home to be with me. Whatever the future brings, I can cope with it. And I will deal with the future in the future. That’s it! Yet another small victory in overcoming my strongly-instilled, irrational fears.


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Cat worries Sunday afternoon

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