The brighter side of the board

August 18, 2009 at 8:14 pm Leave a comment

Finally, after a few months of just thinking about it, I decided to deal with the kitchen counter today. See, the kitchen counter only runs until about half-way along the wall. The remaining 6 feet are empty. So I put the dishwasher and washing machine there, still having a few feet left over in the corner. It makes sense to extend the counter space with a board.

So I measured it and finally went to the equivalent of a home depot store here. Why did I procrastinate? It’s a simple matter of a board and a 12-foot 2-by-4 cut to the right height to make 4 legs. It was all simple enough, except that the front wheels of the cart I used were stuck, so I had to maneuver the cart backwards to get through the store, past the checkout and through the parking lot. Then the back seat of my car was somehow stuck, so I couldn’t put the seat down. I drove home with minimal view in the right side mirror and no view in the rear view mirror. In the left mirror, I could see the police car driving behind me, so I drove very carefully and stuck to the speed limit.

Once home, I lugged it all upstairs with some help from the elevator, screwed on the four leg posts and … voilá! Then I realized that the friggin board was roughtly 1/8 of an inch (3 mm) too long! So I was pissed, and swore, debated going back to the store, etc. etc. But I left it there, with one end overlapping the counter and figured the heck with it for now. Tomorrow I could borrow a saw from my husband and cut off that extra bit.

Then my daughter came into the kitchen, made herself a grilled cheese sandwich, and sat down at the little table across from me. I was sitting there staring at the frustrating counter. She said she thought the board should be two inches wider, and if I asked at the store, they could seal the edges! (It’s a plain old board with white coating.) We slid the board back and forth from the wall to find the optimum depth, measured the length more exactly (yes, it was MY fault!), and we decided that I will get a new board tomorrow.

I can cut up this board and make a shelf. Now I’m glad we had the wrong board. It gave us an opportunity to better visualize and consider exactly what we want. It was one more valuable lesson in: Always look for the positive aspect! And say: “Thank you for this gift, H.P.!” I tend to do that when other things go wrong or seem complicated, but really didn’t think a piece of wood deserved that kind of spiritual attention!

This little lesson cost me €6.84. That’s roughly ten bucks. It was worth it.

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