End-of-vacation blues

August 19, 2009 at 5:22 pm Leave a comment

Although I could go on like this for a while longer, tomorrow I have to go back to work — and have a 24-hour shift to get started. These past few weeks have been nice. I did some travelling, but also hung out a lot.

The other day, I thought I’d done nothing, but it occurred to me that I’d had guests, gone on day trips, puttered in the apartment, got and assembled a new sideboard, did some handiwork in the kitchen, finished the German manuscript of my book, wrote a short novel, read, wrote a few new songs, practiced guitar and relaxed. All in all, I am quite pleased.

It is wonderful to stay up as late as I want, to sleep late, to go at my own pace. It was healing, and now I feel more grounded and settled in the apartment. This was the first vacation in my new home — and it is so nice to have a home that I like to be in! That is still such a novelty. I love coming home! I love being here!

The other day I even picked up my bike from the house — the one I swore I’d never ride again since that accident a year ago. Figured I might as well get off my high horse and use it. I don’t have the money to be proud and buy a new — cheaper — bike out of spite. Anyway, it really is a nice bike. Today I took my first spin. They say, when you have an accident, you should drive/ride again as soon as possible — to get over any residual fears. Funny enough, I was a bit nervous as I swung myself up on the seat. All went well. It’s nice to have a bike.

I’m sighing and don’t really feel like getting up early and going to work tomorrow, but that’s life. On the other hand, I do like my work and it enables me to live on my own. So, I’m a little down, but generally grateful — for my work, for this life. For everything!


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