The crisp, cool breath of Autumn

August 30, 2009 at 7:56 am Leave a comment

It’s in the air. The mornings are crisp, even though the sun is shining. Summer is coming to an end. I love this time of year, which abounds with energy and promise.

The past two months were a time of rest, organizing, reflection, visiting, excitement and calm. I had the opportunity to get settled — both physically and emotionally. No, I haven’t totally figured everything out, but I have a good sense of where I’m at and what is to be done.

There have been long, lazy days, which is what summer used to be about. Omission of the annual visit to the States provided a long stretch of free time. It was a true blessing and exactly what I needed.

School starts for me next week — an extended weekend seminar. The children don’t go back to school until mid-September, so they still have some time. I am curious as to how it will turn out. My daughter starts in a new school, and my son is debating whether to switch schools or to see if he can find an apprenticeship. Time will tell.

After this much-needed rest, I am ready for the exertions of the coming year. I eagerly anticipate first change of season in my new home. There is a lot to be done. I have a few main goals, as well as a few smaller ones. And now I have the energy and optimism to pursue them.

Today I am grateful for this wonderful life and feel truly blessed.


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