Reflective air of September

September 22, 2009 at 11:11 am Leave a comment

There’s something about the change of the season, the cool air, the growing darkness, the treasured warmth of unexpected sunshine that has me in a rather ponderous mood. Here’s a little morning (mourning?) poem:

What we never said

Tell me all the things you never said,
Show me where your disappointment led.
It seems easier to leave without a word,
Bearing in mind all we thought we heard.
Yet if we never learn to speak
Our chance to thrive will remain weak.

Speechlessness expanded like a thunder cloud
As it settled in, our lives it did enshroud.
Existence became a fantasy bubble,
No reality check among the rubble.
What we said and meant, what we meant and said,
All was interpretation, based in our head.

As a child I learned to discern in my mind
Never daring to ask what was meant behind
a look or a gesture, as I thought I should know.
I learned not to question what was below.

A habit it was and never changed
It led to our becoming estranged
The void was so huge, the air so thick
I could barely breathe and learned a trick:
to hide in my room and see you no more.
My world became all that was behind my door.

Emerging only to function, then withdraw again
to the peace and safety of my sacred den.
We stalked warily and observed with growing scorn,
while inside we both became utterly forlorn.

Please look at me, talk to me, let me inside.
Let’s do more than just take it all in stride.
We met for a reason, we had things to learn.
If we don’t do it now, we’ll forever yearn.
Now is the time, let us open our hearts,
It just takes one step until the healing starts.

The future is open, that’s not my concern
For the moment, it’s about what we need to learn.
Tell me all the things you never said.
I just want to know what’s in your head.
Perhaps nothing will change, perhaps something will.
Despite all that has happened, I love you still.



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