September 26, 2009 at 9:11 pm Leave a comment

It’s the weekend! I was going to get up and go to a concert this morning. But I felt lousy — headache, sore throat and no energy. So I stayed in bed a while longer.

Eventually I got up, had some breakfast and a coffee, read yesterday’s newspaper (I was too tired to go downstairs and get today’s from the mailbox), straightened up a bit (just a tiny bit), and went back to bed. And slept.

Late afternoon my daughter came home from her friend’s house — hungry. I made a simple meal: boiled potatoes with butter, salt & pepper, fresh chives, and a slice of sharp cheese. Simple meals can be quite delicious!

Afterwards I went back to bed. Towards evening I felt my head was clearing — so I got up to put on a CD and then went back to bed. When it had played fully, I put in a different CD. What a pleasure to lie in bed and listen to music! I had a flashback to my teenage years: I spent countless days in perfect health lying in bed listening to music.

It’s going on 11 pm and I think tomorrow I’ll be ready to once again join the world of the living. That’s good, since I have to work tomorrow!

Today was a nice, relaxing, sleepinday, and I just might do it again some time soon. Only next time, I will waive the requirement of potential oncoming flu and simply allow myself to be lazy.

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Reflective air of September A story for my daughter

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