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October 6, 2009 at 8:08 am Leave a comment

Changes are occurring on various levels. For the training program in which I enrolled this past February, I am required to do a project. Quite unexpectedly it has turned out that I will do the project together with a colleague. We get along well and can work well together, as we have already had the opportunity to do several shared homework assignments in our “peer group”.

The funny thing is, it has been my habit to do everything alone. I am the lone wolf who struggles forward and figures everything out all by herself — frequently reinventing the wheel along the way. Through this “coincidence” I have the chance to learn to work closely with someone, to share the burden — and our pooled resources.

In working on the concept, I jumped ahead and was already into the main planning. (The requirement is that I plan and hold a seminar, as the training program is basically aimed at teaching the students to work with groups.) My advisor pulled on the brakes and said: “Wait! One step at a time. First you clarify: Who gave you the job? What is the theme? Who will participate? Where will it be held? Once that is settled, then and only then do you start working on the actual seminar!”

I tend to do everything at once, which — as in this case — can lead to serious errors. It is a good learning process to slow down, to experience again how to do something one step at a time, to think things through rather than jump the gun and then have to improvise or bend things to make them fit. This is about setting up the framework first!

In the past, I dove in and then ended up with mediocre results. This project doesn’t have to be the best thing that ever happened, but I’m curious to see how it will turn out, and have a feeling that it will feel “right” as it progresses.

Life and the universe give me all I need. I don’t need to rush to get through my lessons. There’s enough time. As I said earlier, each day is a life, and that’s what it’s about. I take steps today and am pleased with my efforts and progress — regardless of whether they bring immediate results or set the groundwork for later activity. It reminds me of that saying: “The journey is the goal.”


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