How not to change a light bulb

October 16, 2009 at 7:10 pm Leave a comment

Today I bought one of those new-fangled energy-saving light bulbs, and I just couldn’t wait to try it out. So, I switched off the light and prepared to get to work. It’s a light fixture on the ceiling, so there is a glass (or hard plastic?) cover to remove first. That was rather warm, but I managed.

The light bulb was too hot for comfort as far as my bare fingers were concerned. But rather than wait until it cooled off, I was as impatient as a child opening Christmas presents — and got the great idea to simply stretch the sleeve of my sweater over my fingertips. That worked quite well, except that the sleeve was rather twisted after a while. Thus I needed to remove my hand just for a second.

I thought the bulb would stay in the fixture. It didn’t. And it didn’t occur to me to hold it with the other hand. Well, I haven’t dropped a light bulb from 8 or 9 feet for quite some time — if ever. I must say, it makes for incredibly tiny slivers of glass and they really spread out over the whole room!

There is a saying here that shattered glass brings good luck. That’s what I told myself while sweeping up the big pieces and vacuuming the rest. Unfortunately, regarding the future of such lucky incidents: their days are numbered!

That’s right — because they are to all be replaced by these new-fangled bulbs. And the new ones you don’t want to drop. I heard they have mercury in them! That’s no fun! Today in the newspaper, I read that the 100-Watt bulb is nearly sold out. As of September 1st, 100-watt bulbs are not allowed to be produced or imported in Europe. That’s it. But 75- and 60-Watt bulbs still have another two years. Actually, the one that shattered today was a 60-Watt bulb anyway.

So, if you want to have a similar experience, do it now! Time is running out! Because with the new energy-saving light, it is too dangerous! By the way, the name on the package is “Tornado”. What a great name for a light bulb! But it’s not a bulb. What is it called now?

Nah, no deep thoughts today. A busy week draws to an end, and I have to work all weekend, so I’m just chilling out this evening. Not in the mood to worry or contemplate much.


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