Unexpected twist

October 16, 2009 at 8:45 pm Leave a comment

So much for chilling. My son called a little while ago to ask where the homeopathic flu remedy is. Of course I have it here, and he is at his father’s. I said I would bring it by in the morning, but then realized that by then he might feel really lousy. So I called back and said I’d bring it over.

The rain and fog along the highway put me in a pensive mood. Upon arrival I found an envelope addressed to me — with no return address. It was a death notice from someone who had quite an impact on my life. She wrote her own obituary, which really got to me. It was a long time coming — she suffered and fought her illness for many years. She was one tough cookie.

I brought the medicine upstairs and instructed my husband as to dosage, and then I left. This is the hard part of separation — I would have preferred to stay and watch over my son, but it wasn’t appropriate.

So I drove back home again. Then I read the note again quietly. She had written it in the third person. The last line was: [She] “bids you farewell in deeply felt gratitude for your friendship!” That’s life, too.

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