Thursday (almost Friday)

October 22, 2009 at 9:37 pm Leave a comment

I can’t believe tomorrow is already Friday! I worked all of last weekend (12 hours Saturday, and Sunday 8:30 am to Monday 8:30 am), plus had a very busy week planned. I decided ahead of time that I wanted to enjoy the week rather than simply survive and chalk off each day as I got through it.

And that’s what I did. The two days of company orientation, regular work, project work for the training program, and usual stuff (cooking, cleaning, shopping) filled each day. To be honest, it was more cooking and shopping. This apartment desperately needs some cleaning! Tomorrow I leave for the weekend — until Monday — for yet another exciting weekend of schooling/training. I’m looking forward to it. Topic? “Dealing with Crisis”! Perfect!

It’s such a different feeling to experience each day — rather than dread it. I made the most of what was offered. Last night I opted not to go to the movies after all, and tonight I completely forgot about my yoga class! My thoughts were too caught up in the “school project”. Otherwise, I did all I’d planned to do.

Monday morning brought a bit of a shock. My boss asked me if I had time to talk. Sure. She wasn’t happy about it, but had to explain that we are overstaffed. They need to reduce my hours or find a different area within the company where I could work. I appreciate that they won’t simply fire me. Yet.

At first I was slightly shocked and could feel the tears rising, ready to kick in at the first signal. But then I calmed down and said that perhaps this is an opportunity to learn new things, to widen my horizon. Even if they find something for me that I wouldn’t necessarily choose — it is experience. Perhaps I’ll find something — I have a couple of ideas.

My boss has my interests in mind and doesn’t want to lose me, for which I am rather grateful — to say the least. I’ll see what happens. In any case, I am open and curious about the next steps along my path. Since I trust in the universe, I believe it will all work out — maybe something better will come! Imagine that?! Life can be scary, but I prefer to see the bright side.

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