Gradually taking shape

November 10, 2009 at 3:05 pm Leave a comment

It has been of immense help to simply slow down and loosen up my expectations. Accepting that I can’t solve everything today has put a new perspective on things. I still don’t know where I’ll be working in December, but I know I’ll have a job. Nor can I today picture exactly how my next seminar in two weeks will be, but I’m working on it now.

Another source of help has been to take joy in the slightest things, and to feel the happiness they stir within me. Nor should the power of support through friends, family and co-workers be underestimated. It does wonders to reach out, talk, listen, ask questions, or just comiserate.

And it’s especially good to clear things up. A colleague and I both had interviews for the same job. At first, we wanted to stay put. Then we both realized we would like to do the new job. That’s when an air of competition snuck in. That did not feel good. She called me for something else, but I addressed the feeling and we had a good, honest talk about it. Both of us had reflected and both come to the decision that we’d like to work at either place and will leave it up to the universe. That works for me. It was important to discuss it.

It’s another dark, grey day — with a few drops of rain now and then, but I’m floating somewhere above it. Optimistic that all will work out one way or another.

Work, music, school, projects, children — it’s all a learning process and I’m right there in the middle. That may not appear to have a specific shape. It may not seem any different than it was last week, when I was feeling overwhelmed. The difference is small but significant: My trust has returned. I have faith in the universal plan. That helped me let go and not even bother to try to control everything or figure it all out. What a relief!


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Holding on Reaching for the stars

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