But something good did come of it!

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There was one very good thing about the previously described interaction. (See “How could I?!” below.)(No, I haven’t heard from him since. Just a text message along the lines of: “It has nothing to do with you, I’m just very busy right now…”) The good thing was: I lied. We were talking about sports and outdoors and I said I don’t like to hike. I much prefer sitting out on a terrace with a cup of coffee, looking up at the mountains. I thought I was telling the truth.

Well, the funny thing was, the next day, I got to thinking about that and realized: I used to really like to hike. I used to really like to do a lot of things. But over the years, for whatever reason, I stopped liking to do a lot of things. The joy was gone. I didn’t care anymore.

Thus I decided to buy a pair of hiking boots during the end-of-winter sales and see what happened. Well, since I had to work New Year’s Day, I spent a quiet New Year’s Eve at home with the cats. It wasn’t exactly exciting, but it was nice. And when I stood out on the balcony at midnight watching the fireworks, I nearly burst with joy. “I did it! I’m standing here on the balcony of my own apartment. Wow!”

Like I said, I worked the next day. The day after that, I went out dancing with a couple of girlfriends. We had a great time. Since we took the train there, we were all able to have a few glasses of wine or beer and dance away. In fact, we had so much fun that we missed the last train home by a whole minute! Luckily we were able to crash at the apartment of my friend’s grown-up son.

I got home around noon, and it had been the third night in a row of very little sleep, so I was tempted to take a nap. Still I followed my intuition and decided: It’s now or never. Try out the new hiking shoes. It was a beautiful winter’s day: cold, crisp, clear, cloudless sky, sunny. I went out.

After a brisk 45 minutes, I saw a familiar face approaching me: my yoga teacher! We stopped and exchanged greetings. Then I asked if she was up to company or would rather walk alone. She accepted my offer and I turned around and walked back with her. We had a nice conversation — with a good measure of depth and lightness. It was the first time we spoke at length, although I’ve been going to her classes for a few years now.

As it came time to part, she invited me over for a cup of coffee. I happily accepted. It was a wonderful afternoon. And I take it as a sign: The first time I went out hiking with the new shoes, I had such a nice experience. The message: “Walk in the woods! Hike on the trails! It will do you good!”

There are several trails almost outside my door. Like a little kid, I am excited and look forward to exploring them all — one by one. The lack of sleep and coldness caught up with me, and I spent the past two days in bed. I felt absolutely ghastly! The worst part was, I couldn’t go for a walk! Imagine that! After only one walk, I am hooked!

This afternoon I had to go to the drug store, so I put on my hiking shoes — just in case. Perhaps I would have the energy for a walk. Sure enough, on the way home I headed uphill and took a slightly different path than the last time. I didn’t meet anyone, but thoroughly enjoyed it. It snowed last night, so I had the sound of snow crunching under my boots while I walked through the quiet forest. Incredible! And I eyed the paths I’d like to explore next time — when I have a bit more energy. Maybe tomorrow?

So, there are two messages. One is: Fresh air and exercise do me good. The other is: Even screwed-up encounters are good for something.

Oh, as a little aside. You know how they say we tend to be irritated by people who remind us of ourselves? Or who have something we don’t? Well, I used to make fun of those silly people who always say: “Isn’t it beautiful today? Perfect weather for a hike!” 😉


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How could I?! A girl with a one-track mind

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