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At the moment, I have a lot on my mind. What will become of my daughter? How will things turn out? How is the new job going to work out? I still haven’t really adjusted to it yet, since the work itself is not as clearly defined as I’d like. The other evening I watched the new movie from Michael Moore. If one has no worries, watching that film will make a difference!

It snowed during the night. I took some pictures today. It really is beautiful. Then a thought occurred to me: Today I just want to live, no matter what happens. Then another thought came: Two months or so from now, I will look back and say to myself: “See? It all worked out! There was no need to worry.”

So today I won’t worry. I will take it as it comes. Just as I wrote that, a few rays of sun peeked through the clouds and found their way into my living room. Perfect! It’s as if they wanted to underline that thought and say: “Even if there’s a lot going on at the moment, be calm. Take it easy.”

This afternoon I’ll take a walk in the woods. That has become a habit, and it does me good. The fresh air, exercise, and the quiet are at the same time enervating and soothing. My head gets clear and I can better focus on the present moment. (And I can concentrate better when I read in the evening!)

The way it looks, this year’s motto is: “Take care of whatever is possible. The rest will fall into place with time.” So, no more worries about tomorrow. It will come either way. When I focus on the big picture, rather than let myself be irritated by the little things, I trust that I can handle everything well.

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