Last outburst of winter?

March 18, 2010 at 4:31 pm Leave a comment

Yesterday it was incredibly spring-like. Thus I was rather disappointed to look out the window this morning and see it snowing wildly. Big, fluffy flakes filled the air. I had to go to work early today, and both kids were sick. Yes, they are teenagers, but when they’re sick, I like to be home to look after them. That wasn’t possible today.

I left and assured them that I’d be home early afternoon. Then I went outside, brushed the snow off the car, and drove away. The drive to work was adventurous. There was a hint of craziness in the air. Perhaps the other drivers were running late because they had unexpectedly had to clear the snow off their cars? Or they were disappointed, late, frazzled? I don’t know, but it was nuts. I saw a few run red lights, and observed some rather daring maneuvers. I stayed calm and concentrated on the road — and on the other drivers.

Work went well enough. At one point, we sat and looked out the window at the huge flakes coming down so heavily. It really was a pretty sight. By late morning, it stopped snowing, and then turned to rain.

On the way home I bought some groceries and “quickly” made a beef soup — which needs to simmer for a few hours before it’s ready. The kids were both dozing, and they had no other plans for the day, so it wasn’t so terrible that they had to wait a while.

It wasn’t a bad day, just a bit strange — and not quite what I expected. But that’s just how it is. In the afternoon the sun actually came out and I went for a long walk in the forest. That was rejuvenating, though it “rained” a bit as the sun melted the snow which hung so heavily on the trees.

Tomorrow it’s supposed to be considerably warmer — around 15 degrees above today, and it’s apparently going to stay warmer for the rest of the week. I guess today the weather just had a little mood swing. 🙂

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