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The good life

It was indeed a wonderful vacation week. As intended, I did everything I felt like doing. I read until all hours of the night — “The uncensored history of punk”, slept late, went to the movies, went out with friends and went home when I felt like it, and played lots of guitar.

The big excitement was two days in the recording studio with my band. It’s the first time I’m recording with other musicians, and it has been wonderful thus far. What I especially enjoy is that I can depend on them. They have great ideas and are very creative, and are also very cooperative. Sometimes we brainstormed, other times someone offered a suggestion. Things flowed as if we’d worked together for years.

That is a new experience for me, which I’ve had the opportunity to discover this past year: Working with other people, and trusting them! What a difference it makes when I don’t have the feeling that I have to do it all myself!

Several months ago I worked on a project with a colleague in my training program. We are both lone wolves and found it quite rewarding to work together. When one was not so motivated, the other was rearing to go. When one ran out of ideas, the other had a great one. We prepared and held a seminar together. The actual seminar was pleasant as well. When one ran out of words or didn’t quite know how to continue, the other stepped in and everything ran smoothly.

It’s funny. On the one hand, I used to think I had to do it all alone. On the other, I sometimes resented it. And then, especially in the studio, I noticed an element of insecurity, when I felt stupid, as if I shouldn’t leave so much up to the others. But that wasn’t the reality of the situation. Each one of us contributed, and together we came up with something that pleases us all. As far as the technicalities go, they are the experts. I write and compose the songs, and they help me make the most out of them. That is perfect enhancement.

In the meantime, the week is over and I’m already back at work. The good energy of my days off prevails, and I find myself happy to go about my way — whether at work or at play.


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