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The dream continues

I have been rather busy the past few weeks, months and years… The German version of “Diary of a Recovered Bulimic” is finished and the first presentation went well. Two more are scheduled for next weekend. The translation is a revision — the manuscript is cut in half and divided into two paperbacks for easier handling. And I suspect that part I is more suitable for my teenage readers. My daughter read it in two days!

The new CD is nearly finished. Now it’s time for the finishing touches. That was a wonderful process. After playing alone for so long, I found a wonderful band. It’s as if we had always played together — good energy.

An English teacher here asked me if there is an English version, as her students focussed on bulimia/anorexia in English and it would be great if they could read a book. She said next year is soon enough. So it looks like I will rework the English version as well. I must confess that the original version was a therapeutic process and the first time around I thought so much was absolutely necessary. Now I can let go — shorten it, make it more readable — focus on the reader instead of pouring out my heart. But that, too, is a process.

Life continues to flow. I take actions, things flow, I roll along with it. “Thy will be done” comes to mind. I think I finally understand that phrase and have incorporated it into my life. It is an enmeshed system of action, reaction, faith and patience. Step by step I progress. I am definitely active and have goals, but I don’t cling to them as “musts”. Rather, they are flexible goals — they can adapt to the universal plan. That relieves a lot of stress and pressure and allows me to enjoy the path.

The concept of being in a “process” has changed my life. I had a tendency towards impatience and an urgent need to have what I want exactly the way I imagined it. That is rigid and definitely stressful. When I send out my wishes to the universe and let them go, I trust that all will be as it should. That relieves me of worry and gives me the necessary energy to continue.

The past year was like a beautiful dream. Things have fallen into place. New people came into my life — some of whom have become close friends. All levels show growth and development — children, friendship, work, hobbies.

I am happy and eternally grateful for this process, this life. The mood is “peace within motion”. It’s not about accomplishing something or reaching a goal and then settling back. Rather, it is an ongoing process and it’s happening right now! It’s the life I always wanted and dreamed of, but it took several years before I had the courage to claim it.


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