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Change in process

I got the job, but haven’t quite gotten started yet, as there are still things to be dealt with on their part — structural, organisational changes. Thus I am officially there, but stayed home this week waiting for the phone call as to how things should progress from here. That was just as well, as I haven’t been feeling so well — a touch of a flu caught me last weekend and it’s been slow going. Today I feel much better.

Yesterday the phone call came, so I have some idea of where things will go from here. This waiting time has made me a bit nervous — with spare time on my hands, some insecurities have taken the opportunity to arise and ask me if I really believe I can do the job well. So, I’m ready to jump in and do it, rather than just think about it. My predecessor has six years’ experience, so it’s silly to expect myself to do everything as well as she can from the minute I start.

A new job sets off a new process of learning, gathering experience and adjusting to the new situation. I know I will do the best I can, and that is what I expect of myself.

The process of change is quite a challenge. It feels strange to be in limbo — not here, not there, but in the process. One can trust in the universe that all will work out for the best, but it still takes courage, perseverence and a lot of energy!

It is helpful to remember the old saying: “One step at a time.” Big goals are divided into smaller goals, and even those minor goals take time. It is also comforting to to remind myself: Change is happening right now!


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