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The River

Everything flows. We all know that. Generally, I take great joy in that knowledge and the experience of flowing in life. But sometimes the current is incredibly strong and it’s all too fast. That’s how it is lately.

So much is happening. It’s not so much drastic change, but more a sense of increasing depth and intensity — in various areas and all at the same time. Whew! On Tuesday I felt exhausted and spaced out and knew I needed a break, so I decided to take a vacation day on Friday. Wise decision.

Yesterday a friend called. We go to the gym together on Fridays — when we have time. I told her I just didn’t have the energy and felt like hiding. She told me about the dance therapy she had done some time ago. Depending on how she felt at the moment, that determined her choice of expression. It varied from curling up on the floor and covering herself with lots of scarves to standing up tall und showing herself to the world.

I told her I felt like hiding, to which she responded: “Why don’t you curl up in bed and hide under your blanket?” What a wonderful idea! I took a hot bath and went to bed with a book, read for quite a while, eventually fell asleep and got up shortly before noon today. I feel like a new person!

Today I’m in the water again, but in the shelter of calm behind the little island in my river. So it can keep flowing wildly, but I can stay put and get things in order. Kind of like a spring cleaning. Get things on the home front in order, so I can jump back in again. But first I need to get re-oriented.

I love it when life flows — I go from one activity to the other, work hard, spend time with family and friends, let the excitement take over and feel the enthusiasm. But sometimes I need quiet time to replenisch and refill my tank. Otherwise I run the risk of racing forward on an empty tank and coming to an abrupt stop. So I’m taking it easy this weekend.

I wish you all a refreshing weekend and that you choose carefully, spend your time well so that you get what you need! Take care! 🙂


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