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The next round

Here’s a picture of my first rose that blossomed on my balcony:

I bought the rose bush with one bud, and watched with excitement and happiness as it developed.

During my vacation, I happily watched six more roses bloom. Two I used for a candlelight bath, one landed in a vase on the dining table, two were blown away during a storm, and the last one simply wilted.

Meanwhile, there’s a new bud visible, and signs that several more are ready to come. As I watch the flowers grow, the parallel to life is unavoidable. It reminds me of how so many things in life seem to repeat themselves, and yet each time it is a new experience.

I see that as an opportunity. I can be open and curious as to what will happen, or I can close my senses and say to myself: “Oh, I know how this will turn out.” Sure, we need some reliability in daily life. If we were to approach every situation with this openness and curiosity, we might have a hard time getting through the day. That’s just my guess.

On the other hand, there are so many situations that can be lived differently — with more satisfaction — when assumptions are left aside and replaced with an open mind. As I contemplated the rose bush a few days ago, I thought to myself: “It’s time to read The little Prince again.” I glanced at my bookshelf, but couldn’t find it. The next day, I leafed through the magazine section of the local newspaper and saw a picture of the book! Someone had been interviewed and mentioned it as one of her favorites. So I looked more carefully at my bookshelf — and there it was.

I thought I would just start reading it, but spent the whole afternoon and early evening reading, and finished it. And I loved it just as much as I did the last time I read it several years ago. As I gazed at the stars that evening, I heard the little Prince’s chiming peals of laughter. Little bells in the universe.

A quote from Voltaire comes to mind: “Since it’s good for my health, I have decided to be happy.” Sometimes that is difficult, especially when I read the newspapers. I can’t help but be touched by tragedy near and far, and send out my prayers to all who are suffering. Nevertheless, rather than let it bring me down, I choose the light and love of happiness, and hope that others will find it as well — despite appearances.


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