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When one door closes…

another opens. We all know that saying. The months have passed so quickly. A whirlwind of activity, change, work, school, as well as the usual everyday stuff accompanied me. Last weekend we took our final exam for the three-year training program. It was a long haul, but an incredibly valuable experience. To say it changed my life feels like an understatement. It changed everything!

I can’t say that I notice the difference as far as more free time just yet, as I’m in another program as well — preliminary training to become a psychotherapist — and we just happen to have classes this weekend and next, so I’m not exactly relaxing just yet. But soon!

What I recently realized is that once again I was neglecting myself. Full speed ahead on the cognitive and spiritual levels, but not paying attention to physical aspects — like sleep and adequate nutrition. The last few months I was dragging along, exhausted, pushing and pushing. My spiritual connection was waning. My solid trust and faith in the universe had crumbled a bit. I was attempting to control things.

Two weeks prior to the final, I took vacation time. I wanted to relax, enjoy, and, of course, study! What a difference it made to get enough sleep and eat well. How nice it was to spend a few evenings with friends, having dinner together, going to a concert and to a movie. It became so clear — exactly one aspect of what I’d been studying: Health is a combination of physical, spiritual, emotional and social well being!

Now back to everyday life. Just finished a busy week at work and classes yesterday evening and all day today. So I’m taking it easy this evening and will enjoy a quiet day tomorrow.


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