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It’s getting dark early these days. When your town is stuck for days in a cloud of fog, it’s a real challenge to find happy moments. That makes me work harder and pay more attention to little things.

Last week I had a few hours free in the early afternoon. On a whim, I drove out of town to a place higher up, where the sun was shining. I found a café with a terrace and it was actually warm enough to sit outside in the sun and enjoy a cup of coffee. It felt so good to be warmed up by the rays of the sun. I was there for about an hour, then the sun started to sink behind the mountains and it immediately got noticeably cooler. So I drove back to my foggy town, warm with the memory. It was as if I had the sun inside me and was smuggling it into the fog. I smiled at the thought that I had such a big secret!

A few days earlier, before the fog came, I had gone for a long walk in the woods. The sun was shining, the leaves crunched and swirled at my feet, the colors were glorious. Suddenly I felt like a child, filled with pure happiness at simply being alive, being there in that moment. I felt like lightheartedly skipping all the way home. An image of the “inner child” came to mind. “This is what it means”, I though to myself. The child/person I was and still am, when I allow her to squeeze through and express herself.

This afternoon I had a long lunch break, as I work later on Mondays. It had been a busy weekend and I was tired, though slightly tempted to go for a walk. Instead I came home, warmed up leftovers from the weekend, and after lunch decided to lie down and listen to some music. I put on a CD, lay in bed, must have dozed off at some point, but awoke feeling wonderfully refreshed! Such a simple delight!

Funny how we have a tendency to come home at the end of the day and reflect on what went wrong, what annoyed us. But if you take a few moments and reflect on the day looking for the happy moments, you just might be surprised! Have a nice evening!


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